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Thunder Bay's most reliable, efficient and advanced utility locating service provider.

We compliment the existing Utility locations depending on circumstances and infrustructure ownership. Utility locations may not locate certain properties. That is where Superior Locate Services can be of service! Using state of the art detection equipment, locations can be done, both indoor and outdoor to to a depth of approximately 30 feet, including submarine cables. Dead wires are as easy to locate as live ones, using the advanced 3M Dynatel Location Devices.

We specialize in the marking and detection of all major utilities including Telephone, Power cables, Gas, Cable TV, Water, Sewer(Storm and Sanitary) and Communication Cables. We can also locate pipes, empty ducts, metal valve boxes,fuel tanks,conduits septic beds, survey stakes and other buried objects. Also with the use of a sonde, drilling through walls,roofs and floors can be done accurately and cost effective.

Our versatility makes us an absolute asset for anyone planning to do construction, property renovations and landscaping. It can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to have a company repair an accidently severed cable, not to mention the danger and expense for digging into a fiber optic cable,waterpipe or power cable. Protect yourself and your business, by having a professional locate done!

Using a 250Mhz LMX Ground Penetrating Radar, utilities that can't be located with conventional tools can be found. GPR concrete scanning allows you to locate any power cables, rebar conduits, post tensioned cables and popes. We combine other utility locating technology to compliment GPR. We are able to give slab thickness estimates for both suspended slabs and slab-on-grade.

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